Why Do People Age Differently?

The power is in telomeres.  Aging is a dynamic process that can be slowed or accelerated and sometimes even reversed.  

What is a telomere? 

A telomere is an important part of cells that determine how quickly we age.   They are like the tiny plastic caps at the end of shoe strings except they are at the end of each DNA strand and work to protect our chromosomes.

Telomere shortening is a clear contributor in the aging process, but we have the power to slow and even reverse telomere shortening.

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Master Your Mindset

Thinking never stops.  Just like our digestive system and our immune system, the mind is never completely still, even when we are asleep.  The mind is inclined to continuously monitor sensory data and to process what has recently just happened.  

So if the mind never completely stops, why is mind-body stillness worth pursuing?  Why is it so important to meditate and be mindful?  

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Breathing Properly

Breathing is automatic and therefore something we do not think about that often.  Believe it or not there is so much more to breathing than inhaling and exhaling.  Breathing is like any other motor skill and can be corrected with certain exercises and tips. 

The average person takes 20,000 dysfunctional breaths per day.  

The muscles used for breathing and posture are the same. Suboptimal breathing patterns and poor posture are often associated with complaints such as low back pain.  Maintaining great posture and breathing is important throughout the day and becomes more difficult during exercise…

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Why Have a Coach?

What is a coach?  A coach is a qualified professional who will guide you to reaching your fullest potential.   A coach sets a structure and an ongoing process that intends to improve performance.  

A coach may come in many different forms.  We often think of sports coaches but there are also business coaches, personal or life coaches, career coaches and many more.  If there is an area of life you would like to see improvement, I guarantee there is a coach for it…

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5 Reasons to Move Daily

The right motivation can make you 70% more likely to keep it up for the long haul, reports the American College of Sports Medicine. But focusing only on weight loss can cut your odds of success by over half, say researchers. A better inspiration: the amazing health rewards you get by being active. A stronger heart and lower cancer risk are well-known benefits, but what are some reasons to move daily?

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Strength Training Benefits

If you want to lose weight, feel and look better, the answer is strength training.  Life is easier when you are strong.  There are many benefits to strength training and for me I need to know the ‘why’ behind everything.  

Strength training helps you lose body fat. A person with more muscle mass will have a higher base metabolic rate which means burning more calories at rest…

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The Relaxation Response

As we approach the end of summer and we begin to feel the effects of the stress from our busy summer schedules.  

Stress affects the autonomic nervous system also known as our unconscious nervous system.  The autonomic nervous controls the heart, blood vessels, digestive system, breathing, salivation and sweating.  Although this aspect of the nervous system is not under our conscious control, our state of mind determines how efficiently it runs.

Managing our stress levels can be difficult, but there is a way to counter balance stress and that is to spend more time in the parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation response)…

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Rest is King

We know to rest between workouts and not workout 7 days a week but paying attention to our rest intervals during training is overlooked. The work/rest ratio is key to train our body’s efficiently.

If you are new to strength training and see a long rest period between sets it makes sense to ask, “Why the long rest?”  

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You maybe wondering if mindfulness is here to stay or if it is just another fad that will soon be forgotten.  Words like mindfulness and meditation are everywhere recently. Mindfulness is defined as methods that help us be more attentive, aware of our bodies, and manage daily stressors in our lives…

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