Gym Training Plan!

Movement, Mobility and More!  Good Goal – 150 Minutes moderate intensity per week 2-3 days of strength training  2-3 days

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No Pain = Gains!

Stop! Soreness is not a sign that you had a good workout and actually the opposite is true! If you are not sore after your training session, don’t fire your trainer! It actually means you are more likely to see progress!

First of all, what is soreness?

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7 Red Flags Your Workouts Don’t Work

It may seem like working out and training are the same thing, but I assure you they are not. Working out means you broke a sweat where training means you made a difference towards your goal.

Let me give you an example, let’s say there are 2 women who regularly exercise.

Both of them put the same amount of time into their sessions at about an hour, 5 days/week, but one is getting results and the other is not.

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The Little Brain in Your Heart

Why do we see healthy people getting sick? People that exercise, eat well and seemingly do everything right still end up with disease? Isn’t exercise and eating healthy suppose to be enough to keep you living a long life? Well, it is a major factor in living a long but our thoughts and emotions maybe undermining all are efforts.

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Imrpove Mobility, Increase Strength

So you want to get stronger and leaner but you’ve maxed out your time at the gym this week? If you are looking to increase your potential then you need to make your mobility training a priority. Training mobility/flexibility can increase your strength, enhance your recovery and prevent injuries from ever happening.  Don’t be one of the many people who miss out on the powerful benefits of training mobility!

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Workout Myths

Are you having trouble reaching your goals? Start by ripping out myths and replace them with empowering knowledge you can take action on.  In this article I will go over common myths in training so you do not waste your time not seeing results.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your First Pull Up

Pull ups are one of the most effective exercises in building upper body strength. Even if you cannot do a pull up yet the process of working on one will still build SO much upper body strength. The secret to performing a pull up is to have the right mindset and plenty of repetitions.

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Build Strength While Getting Rid of Low Back Pain

Do you want to avoid disc damage and low back pain? Then you need a progressive resistance training program!

Thirty-one million Americans will experience back pain at any given time, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Since herniation occurs from thousands of repetitions of flexion, a training plan is necessary to restore balance in the body. Since our muscles work as a team it is imperative to strengthen the body as a whole.

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