Build Strength While Getting Rid of Low Back Pain

Do you want to avoid disc damage and low back pain? Then you need a progressive resistance training program!

Thirty-one million Americans will experience back pain at any given time, according to the American Chiropractic Association. Since herniation occurs from thousands of repetitions of flexion, a training plan is necessary to restore balance in the body. Since our muscles work as a team it is imperative to strengthen the body as a whole.

Weak glutes and abdominals combined with tight hamstring and hip flexors gives way to “crossed-pelvis syndrome.”  Professor Vladimir Janda was a medical doctor that was inspired to understand how the nervous system worked to control posture, muscular balance, and functional stability. Dr Janda coined the phrase crossed-pelvic syndrome which results in gluteal amnesia. Exercises to strengthen the backside are vital to combat gluteal amnesia.

Studies have reported that the volume of work and the exercises prescribed are keys to muscle response patterning and hormonal changes. Neural adaptations are also important for motor learning. This is where having a coach to provide a guideline ensures the best results. A properly designed exercise program protocol could alter the nervous system to make it more efficient during the process!

Do This, Not That

1.) Start by acclimating yourself with the TVA (Transverse Abdominal) muscle. It’s literally our body’s built in “weight belt”. When doing core exercises think of brace for a cue to activate your core, instead of the word hollow.

2.) Instead of sitting, walk. Walking while swinging the arm helps to decrease spinal loading.  Sitting prior to exertion can increase injury and reduce performance.

3.) Don’t exercise first thing. It is risky to exercise first thing in the morning because the intervertebral discs upon rising are highly hydrated. The discs lose about 90% of their fluid in the first hour upon rising.  Rest is a friend to spine health as it allows time for the fluid to be restored!

My Top 3 Exercises to Get Rid of Back Pain:

My favorite exercise to get rid of back pain are:


1.) Hip bridge-  I like the hip bridge because it is simple and allows anyone to practice this movement. The more we practice the hip hinge the easier it is to move from the hips instead of the low back. This also strengthens the back side.

2.) Single leg dead-lift or reach- One of my personal favorites because it combines balance and reminds me of airplane pose in yoga. I encourage beginning without a weight and progressing to a weight in your opposite hand. Begin by just reaching and pushing heel into the ground while focussing on squeezing the glute muscles

mod side plank.jpeg

3.) Plank and Side Plank- Planks are often an overlooked exercise. They can be done any where and can always be modified. Strengthen the TVA through exercises like planks will help low back pain. Crunches should be avoided due to repeated flexion. Side planks strengthens the oblique muscles which will in turn take pressure off of your low back.

These exercises are designed to build a pain-free foundation for more activity. If you don’t do something about it NOW, it’s only a matter of time before it gets worse. Now be honest with yourself here…

How does it feel to be in fear daily that your back will act up? How does it feel to not be able to exercise at all?

How does it feel to feel older than you actually are? I already know the answers… and it’s not what you want! We only have one life, why aren’t you doing everything you can to live pain free and enjoy it?

When you get the ball rolling in the right direction, it doesn’t take long. It’s takes about a month and you start seeing results, less pain, more strength!

My coaching program is designed exactly for this. Together, we’ll strengthen your core, backside and whole body! And not only that, I’ll show you how to strengthen your mind as well. Let’s take care of weakness and pain for good, and start exercising regularly.

If you think we’re a fit to work together, email me at and let’s do this!

Yours in health,

Nicole Chamberlain