Exercise Recovery

Restoration and recovery will enhance anyone’s training program.  Proactive recovery is a multidimensional process that focusses on the individual as a whole.  Planning recovery begins with a periodized plan but also requires the coach to look at emotional/relaxation techniques, psychological strategies, nutrition, sleep and hydration.

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Strength Training Basics

Your workouts should be made with the intent of increasing strength and empowering you to be the best version of yourself! LESS time wasted and MORE intelligent workouts to get you one step closer to your goals. Whatever those goals may be.

We all know we need strength training. Strength training induces muscle growth. Muscle growth improves function, it is metabolically active and affects the way the body handles nutrients. For instance, people who are more muscular typically have better insulin control!

So, you know you need it. What’s next?

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Dr. Bruce Lipton is a scientist who is changing the way we view health through his study of epigenetics. Epigenetics which translates to “control above genetics” is proving that our mind directly effects our blood’s chemistry!

The body will change it’s behavior depending on whatever directions you give to it from your mind. Since our bodies are made up of fifty trillion cells, making sure they are in a healthy environment is imperative to staying alive and healthy…

“..It is a proven fact that one-third of all healings are due to the placebo effect, which is controlled by the mind, but medical-related corporations based on making a profit don’t want us to know this.”  -Bruce Lipton

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Scientists are beginning to refer to low grade, chronic inflammation in the body as “inflammaging.” Inflammaging has been associated with conditions like diabetes, heart disease, stress, depression, and a weakened immune system.

The quality and length of our lives have everything to do with the levels of inflammation in our blood. This is great news because then there are many ways to reduce inflammation. And reducing inflammation means we will live a longer and happier life!

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Celebrate or Sabotage

What is the point of hard work if you never take the time to celebrate your success?  After you set a goal, don’t forget to determine how you will celebrate along the way and after it is accomplished!

 Anything that does not happen instantly is a mindset challenge. We can be inspired by the journey or worry about how far we have to go.  This is the distinction between celebrating or sabotaging. 

The energy we carry is largely a choice and we need to be extremely conscious when things begin to get difficult.  Celebrate or sabotage. Two perspectives with two very different energies.

What do you feed yourself in your head on the journey? 

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Consistency is Key

When it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals, consistency is the key to seeing results.

This means choosing a goal and putting a date on when you will achieve it.  

Now the work lies in staying consistent with your actions until the goal is achieved.  The timeline may change, but the end result does not. 

This approach is becoming more rare as people are looking to get to their goals without putting in the time.  Some are looking for a quick-fix solution.

When we are not consistent we tend to jump around from program to program.  There is a myth of variety that we need to debunk.  The more variety you have in your programming, the harder it is to reach your goals.  Too much variety probably means there is no focus and you are unable to measure progress…

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In this article we will focus on metabolism.  

Metabolism is what converts calories into energy.  Whether you feel it or not our bodies are constantly burning calories.  Your metabolism burns calories to keep your body functioning, 

Our metabolism changes as we go throughout our life.  For most, metabolism drops about 1-2% per decade after age twenty five. This means eating the same and exercising the same will mean a gain in two pounds per year…

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In the Zone

Have you ever experienced the contentment of focussing all of your attention on something? It is as if time does not exist. That is what being feels like also known as in the zone.

There two ways of thinking labeled as doing mode and being mode. Being mode is where our mind is clear and performance becomes effortless…

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Exercise for Brain Health

The brain is the body’s command center and an integral part of our overall health and well-being.

A strong and healthy body is a strong and healthy brain.

Research shows that the human brain has an amazing ability to change its structure and function with exercise. Physical activity and exercise have played one of the most vital roles in changing the brain…

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